90 Day Train To Hire

Is Your Company Finding it Difficult or Impossible to Hire Industrial Maintenance Techs, Robot Techs, Weld Techs, or PLC Techs?

C&A Automation has an industry leading program that can help!

Trained Technical Temps You Can Hire After 90 Days!

We Find Them and Train Them To Your Equipment - No Up Front Costs!


STEP 1 - Complete a "Find a Tech" REQUEST Form

  1. Complete the FIND A TECH FORM - Click on the Blue Button below
  2. Tell us what position you need filled and what skills are required
  3. Tell us what shifts you need filled
  4. Tells us how many techs per position you will need

STEP 2 - Database Search and Quote to Customer

  1. C&A Automation recieves your find a tech from / request
  2. We match your requirments with our database of over 3,000 qualified candidates
  3. We email you back with the total number of candidate matches in our database
  4. C&A Automation provides a quote for the position(s) you are looking to fill
  5. Customer reviews and approves the quote
  6. Customer issues a formal purchase order based on the quote


  1. C&A Automation meets with the customer to discuss open positions
  2. We gather all the specific details about the job details and requirements
  3. C&A Automation's training experts collect wirtten content, videos, PDF's, and other data needed to build custom training content
  4. C&A Automation creates a "CUSTOM TRAINING CLASS" designed specifically for each customer and their equipment

STEP 4 - C&A Automation Finds Qualified Techs For Customer Review

  1. C&A Automation contacts people from our database via text, email, and phone
  2. We discuss customer's skill requirements and other job details
  3. We narrow down the search of candidates and present the BEST candidates for the customer's approval
  4. Customer approves the people and we make 90 day temp to hire job offers
  5. All job candidates understand that they must successfully complete a C&A Automation Training Program
  6. Only training candidates that PASS the training class will be sent to the customer's facility to start work

STEP 5 - C&A Training Class for Job Candidates

  1. Job candidates attend training class at C&A Automation's facility
  2. Training class content (written and hand on labs) will be custom designed for each customer
  3. Candidates will have to pass daily written and hands on labs
  4. Candidates will have to pass a final exam to pass the training program
  5. ONLY candidates that PASS the training program will be sent to the customer's facility for 90 day temp to hire jobs

STEP 6 - Start 90 Day Temp to Hire Program at Customer's Facility

  1. Training graduates report to customer's building for a 90 day temp to hire job
  2. Customer will usually conduct an orientation class and safety class
  3. Customer will assign job schedule and assignments
  4. Customer will expect training gradudates to perform basic job duties and increase their responsibiliites over the 90 days
  5. At the end of 90 days … customer has the option to hire all or any of the 90 day temp to hire contractors

Why Employers Should Use C&A Automation's 90 Day Train To Hire Program:

  1. Find qualified techs fast
  2. No help wanted ads
  3. No resume screening
  4. No phone interviews required
  5. No face to face interview required
  6. No background checks required
  7. No drug screens required
  8. No HR time or expense
  9. C&A Automation finds qualified people
  10. C&A Automation verifies technical skills
  11. C&A Automation conducts phone and face to face interviews
  12. C&A Automation checks backgrounds
  13. C&A Automation performs drug screen
  14. C&A Automation ONLY provides skilled and screened candidates
  15. C&A Automation provides custom training design for customers (NO CHARGE)
  16. C&A Automation provides fully trained technical temps Day 1
  17. Only hire people that meet your requirements
  18. No contracts required
  19. No Buy Out Fee at the end of the term (usually 90 days)