C&A Automation has created an industry leading program.

We match employers with job seekers and provide technical training to ensure success for everyone!


• We build custom training programs for our customers.

• We find job seekers who meet the minimum required skill level and who are looking for an exciting new career.

• We provide FREE technical training to job seekers based on the customer's exact machinery and applications.


• Employers get a fully trained, temp to hire, contractor that is effective day one on the job!

• Job seekers get an immediate job after training and have a tremendously high success rate due to customer specific training.

Customer -
Information Provided

  • What type of technical positions needed
  • What skills and experience will be required
  • Number of people requested and timeline

C&A Automation -
Database Search

  • We search our database of qualified techs
  • We verify we can meet customer's requirements
  • C&A Automation provides a quote to customer

Customer -
Purchase Order

  • Customer approves quote and issues PO
  • C&A contacts techs to discuss opportunity
  • C&A schedules meeting with customer

Custom Training
Program Developed

  • C&A training staff meet with customer to discuss needs
  • C&A collects training content (video, pictures, etc…)
  • C&A builds customer specific training program

C&A Automation -
Finds Best Candidates

  • C&A finds and tests best candidates
  • C&A verifies skills and experience
  • C&A does background and drug screening
  • (C&A performs all HR functions for customer)

Maintenance Training -
Customer Specific

  • Maintenance training starts at C&A
  • Electrical troubleshooting classes
  • Mechanical troubleshooting classes
  • Extensive hands on training with daily testing

Robot Training -
Customer Specific

  • Robot training starts after maintenance
  • All robot functions and troubleshooting
  • Customer specific application training
  • (welding, vision, material handling, etc…)

Training Completed -
Start Temp to Hire Jobs

  • Only people who pass training report to customer
  • 90 day temp to hire job starts at customer's building
  • Customer hires any or all people with $0.00 Buyout fee
  • (End of term … usually 90 days)